The Chatswood Roseville Rotary Club greatly appreciates the very generous ongoing support of this community service project since its commencement in 2009, by the numerous sponsors including;
  • STORAGE KING CHATSWOOD; free storage of the trailer (above) and associated equipment, materials and supplies since 2009.
    For all storage needs, details of facilities and availability, go to  the Storage King website,
    http://www.storageking.com.au , or copy the link to your browser.
  • KU-RING-GAI COUNCIL; authorisation, financial support and initial equipment for establishment of the project.
  • HARD YAKKA; provision of the protective overalls for use by the removal teams.
  • THRIFY-HARDWARE; provision of some materials and equipment.
  • DULUX; assistance with provision of paint and graffiti removal solutions.
  • HORIZON GRAPHICS; sign writing and signage.
The Chatswood Roseville Rotary Club's ‘Graffiti Busters’ team operates generally in the Roseville and Roseville Chase areas. The area is sometimes extended into adjoining Lindfield and Chatswood suburbs, however it is usually kept to this limited area mainly because of limited resources (active participating club team members).
Occasionally additional participants and groups have assisted with graffiti removal e.g. on Graffiti Removal Days.
Our Rotary Club encourages other volunteers, especially younger folk who might assist when someone is needed to climb a ladder!, to join the Team.
Rotary Club members and the general public are invited to notify the Team of objectionable graffiti sites and these can  also be added to the Graffiti Removal Day coverage.
Reporting of graffiti locations, or inquiries about the project or involvement, by club members and the public  can be emailed to;  rcrcbusters@gmail.com
Reports of graffiti sites should include a clear description of the location, the surface with graffiti, e.g. brick fence or wall, timber fence or Ausgrid electrical cabinet number.
All members of the Chatswood Roseville Rotary Club, and the public, may also identify graffiti sites in the wider Chatswood area and join with the Team in removing the graffiti at those locations.
The Rotary Club has a trailer, (see photo), and a wide inventory of equipment, including petrol fuelled high pressure water-jet, ladders, paints and other Rotary items, generously stored freely since 2009 by STORAGE KING, CHATSWOOD. See their website at http://www.storageking.com.au
Generally it is preferred to paint over offending graffiti and only use the water-jet on stonework etc., and there needs to be a close-by water tap available to use the water-jet.
There is also portable Karcher available but that requires an electrical connection as well was water.
There is a long standing relationship by the Club with Ku-ring-gai Council. The Council was  instrumental in assisting with the original establishment of the program by the former Rotary Club of Roseville Chase,  including providing funds to assist in the acquisition of the trailer, the high pressure water-jet, graffiti removal solvents and other equipment. Protective clothing and other equipment is also available for anyone involved in the graffiti removal work.