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Brian Townsend Jul 27, 2021
Pride of Workmanship Awards

‘The Pride of Workmanship Awards Program is an approved Rotary program commenced in 1976 by the Rotary Club of Pennant Hills (Australia, District 9685).

The Pride of Workmanship Program enables managers in our society to help employees achieve the goal of job satisfaction, and publicly recognise them for their efforts.

Participating businesses promote the Pride of Workmanship theme of "Do it once- do it well" throughout their organisation and nominate employees worthy of recognition, not only within the organisation, but the wider community. Nominees of the Pride of Workmanship Program are presented with a trophy in recognition of their achievements.

Chair Michael MacQuillan Aug 10, 2021
CLUB FORUM - Use of ClubRunner for club website

D9685 adopted ClubRunner in 2011
– to better service clubs
– to simplify member updates
– to provide a district website informing clubs and members
• ClubRunner is:
– Rotarian owned and operated
– An official licensee of Rotary International
– An engine for the District website and many clubs’ websites

The FORUM will explore the greater use of ClubRunner for our Clubs website and communications

Monica Wilkie Aug 24, 2021
"Free Speech and the "Cancel Culture" from a young person's perspective".


Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive. Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming.

Usually public figures are said to be canceled after it has been discovered that they have done something offensive. It involves calling out the bad behaviour, boycotting their work (such as by not watching their movies or listening to their music), and trying to take away their public platform and power. This is often done in a performative way on social media.

People can lose their careers, reputations, or work opportunities after getting canceled

Criticisms of cancel culture centers on the feeling that people were becoming too keen to ruin lives over mistakes made many years ago. That people didn’t get a second chance. That social media is too quick to pile on and police increasingly high standards of political correctness and do so in a way that simply is virtue signaling and performatively  woke. That canceling has gone too far and simply become a way of rejecting anyone you disagreed with or someone who did something you didn’t like.

DG Lindsay May Nov 09, 2021
LIndsay May's program for his year as DG.

This is DG Lindsay May's official visit to our Club.